In both stories there are examples of extreme emotions. In Macbeth there is jealousy, ambition and fear. In the other hand in Scrooge we see misery, hope and redemption. At the start of the play Shakespeare uses extreme emotions to build up his protagonist. The sergeant describes Macbeth at the battle “As sparrow’s eagles, or […]

In the opening of Macbeth, we see no flaws linked to Macbeth. He is presented as a strong and powerful character. He is described by King Duncan “As sparrow’s eagles, or the hare the lion” This simile shows us that whatever the army they’re facing they will beat it. Due to this he is respected […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I am writing to inform you that I totally disagree with the points on teenagers that Louis CK and Franzen claimed in your article. They claim that teens can’t build reasonable relationships online. In my opinion the older generation is just as bad as teenagers in their use social media:in 2015 […]

1-“Three days before Armistice Sunday. ” “Before you left, I pinned one onto your lapel” “I was Brave, as I walked with you” “” “” “”

Repetition is used in the poem to present desperation in Out of the Blue. In the second paragraph the protagonist says ” In fact I am waving waving “. The protagonist is trying to catch the attention of the people who is watching the news or on the streets for help and that there is […]

The poem centres around a hawk and how he goes through his every day life and how he gets his food. In the whole poem the hawk is arrogant and he thinks he is better than the creator “To produce my foot and, my each feather now I hold creation in my foot. We can […]

I’m going to be comparing ‘ At the Border, 1979’ and ‘ Belfast Confetti’ and I found that there are equally similarities and differences. In ‘ At the Border, 1979’ there is a women and she left Iraq for Kurdistan because of a civil war, likewise in ‘ Belfast confetti’ this man country is in […]

1- In the first stanza there are clues to suggests Vaudevue death. ” Her finger tap the ground, she is alone. At midnight in the moonlight she is sitting alone on a round flat stone. I think when this little girl is alone she is tapping her fingers on the ground, she could be thinking […]

The poem The Right Word was written Imtiaz Dharker after the 9 11 bombings. The poem is about this women in her house or work place seeing this figure. In the first stanza she describes the figure lurking in the shadows and that figure is a terrorist. Just from this start we can tell that […]

Throughout the twenty first century nuclear weapon testing has been used across the world. The first nuclear weapon was tested by the US on Japan at Hiroshima. Since that day in 1945 atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons have grown and has been used more.The US’s last Nuclear weapon test was in 1991-1992 with operation […]